Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shri Shani Mandir Environment Center

Yes it's not just an Temple !! we develop this place as an Environment Center !!!

What you will find other then temple ?

We have lush green grass landscape which give people amazing experience while walking bare foot on it, or sitting on it.

We Distribute Medicinal plant free of cost to each and every visitor of Shani Mandir.

We recycle oil which devotee's pour on Shani Deva, as a Massage oil by adding some herbs free of cost our visitors rest of oil is used for deepotsav on every saturday.

We also recycle flowers offered by devotee's to Shani Deva in form of compost manure in our nursery.

To Conserve Electricity we use Solar Light with LED Fixtures in our entire premises.

We Have Emu Farm with nice information on this bird, this also an attraction for visitors.

Here you can go inside main Mandap area and even touch yourself the divine idol of Shani deva.

We don't have any type restrictions for sitting, taking photos or any thing else.

Visitors just sit inside temple for hour an hour and just lost in Dhyana (meditation).

Our intention is so pure behind project it's automatically made this place very popular within very short time span.

Our Mahila Bachat Gat is always ready to serve you Home Made Food Items at very reasonable Rates.

We are sure if you visit this place just once, it will make you come again n again.

Well come to Shani Mandir with your family and friends. for more information please feel free to contact
Shri Jaywant Naik (MAMA) on 91 9011 66 77 88 or +91 98609 42999.

End Up with some good Thoughts..

22 Ways to Become Spectacularly Inspirational

1. Do important work vs. merely offering opinions.
2. Lift people up vs. tear others down.
3. Use the words of leadership vs. the language of victimhood.
4. Don’t worry about getting the credit for getting things done.
5. Become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
6. Take your health to a level called superfit.
7. Commit to mastery of your craft instead of accepting mediocrity in your work.
8. Associate with people whose lives you want to be living.
9. Study for an hour a day. Double your learning and you’ll triple your success.
10. Run your own race. “No one can possibly achieve real and lasting success by being a conformist,” wrote billionaire J. Paul Getty
11. Do something small yet scary every single day.
12. Lead Without a Title.
13. Focus on people’s strengths vs. obsessing around their weaknesses.
14. Remember that potential unused turns into pain. So dedicate yourself to expressing your best.
15. Smile more.
16. Listen more.
17. Read the autobiography of Nelson Mandela.
18. Reflect on the words of Eleanor Roosevelt who said: “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”
19. Persist longer than the critics suggest you should.
20. Say “please” and “thank you”.
21. Love your loved ones.
22. Do work that matters.     

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